Discover the right accounts

In Consultation with Sales, LeadWalnut runs workshops on defining ideal customer profile, identify your buyer personas and uses a variety of research techniques to build your target account list

What you get

  • Identified list of target accounts
  • Contact database that fit your buyer person
  • Content Approach that enable personalization


Engage thro’ Webinars

Demonstrate thoughts leadership and domain expertise through well planned webinars and generate quality leads.

What you get

  • Webinar Marketing Approach & Calendar
  • Campaigns to drive registrations
  • Audience Engagement & Lead Prioritisation


Apply account based analytics

Discover intent through content, study account behaviour and understand what matters most to your buyer personas

What you get

  • Uncover Accounts from anonymous visitors
  • Generate actionable insights to close deals faster
  • Measure Sales impact & ROI


“If you build a great experience, customers will tell each other about it.
Word of mouth is powerful “

– Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

LeadWalnut’s team of digital analysts and ecommerce experts deliver world
class web stores through a personalised ecommerce strategy razor
focussed on delighting the target audience.