“Leads per month” – The most misleading metric in B2B marketing

One of the key goals of Marketing is demand generation and a metric to measure that is leads/month. Correct?


At Lead Walnut, we too had swallowed this theory when we started 2 years ago. However, experience and anecdotal evidence have helped find more meaningful ways of measuring marketing success. And for those B2B marketers out there measuring themselves on leads/month: Forewarned is forearmed.

Take the case of this technology services firm with over a $100 mill in annual revenue.

The Head of marketing shared the metrics tracked over a 9 month period.

# of leads generated – 509

# of sales meetings – 8

# of deals closed – 0

If this company continues marketing operations with these metrics, you know what will eventually happen to their marketing team.

The problem starts with what is measured as a ‘Lead’. “A lead is a prospective customer of a product or service, recognized when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information.”

So, what’s wrong with this?

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