Google AdWords: 5 best practices to unlock ROI

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Google Adwords

Google AdWords – Best Practices to unlock ROI

Are you a business looking to increase your leads? Are you looking for a flexible marketing platform? Do you want to see quick results? Do you want to know more about your visitors market? Do you want to get global as well as local customers?

If yes, then Google AdWords is the right answer for you.

Why AdWords?

  • Targeted & Quick Results
  • Budget Control
  • Campaigns are measurable
  • Pay only for results

Google AdWords commonly know as “PPC” – Pay Per Click

  • More visitors means more leads
  • Easy to use platform
  • Uses “Keywords” oriented approach
  • Google Provider Network gives great visibility
  • Reach “Global” Customers Create Google Ads that works for you! Google AdWords

Different Types of Ads

  • Search Ads
  • Online ads that appear alongside the search engine result page when users search a keyword query on Google.
  • Display Ads (includes Re-marketing) Contextual banner ads used in YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, etc. These can be text, images, and even video based
  • Video Ads
  • Ads that appear on Google’s video-sharing site.
  • Video advertising made easy and customizable since Google owns YouTube.
  • Ads can appear as banner ads, in-video overlay ads, in- stream video ads (which are video ads that appear before or during another YouTube video), as well as several other setups.

Shopping Ads (PLA)

This type of Ads are used mainly for e-commerce sites, and appear on Google Search pages to the left and top of results. For example- Feature a product image, and ads are tailored towards products and product categories.

Engineering Approach Discovery

  • Interview stakeholders
  • Workshop with Domain Experts
  • Define & Agree on Objectives
  • Competition Ad Analysis
  • Identify search terms used as natural language search Design & Setup
  • Keyword planning
  • Design & create Campaign Structure
  • Design and create Ad Copies
  • Create Extensions to enrich the ad copies
  • Set up Budgets, Schedule
  • Configure AdWords with Google Analytics
  • Design & Build Landing pages Run & Analyze
  • Make the ads live Monitor Analytics
  • Monitor and Analyze AdWords Metric

Deliverables & Key Performance Indicators

CTR – Click Through Rate

CPC – Cost per Click

Optimized Ad Copies

Analytics Report on AdWords

Impactful Landing Pages

Maximizing ROI

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Choose words & phrases used as natural search terms
  • Compelling Good Ad copies
  • Improve Click Through Rate (CTR) Effective Landing pages
  • Engage Visitors and Enhance Conversions Use of Ad Extensions
  • To get maximum result out of your Ads

Create World Class Ad copy

  • Highlight the uniqueness of your product
  • Include the Main keywords
  • Special offers or promotions which you want your customers to know
  • Make it readable for the Mobile User
  • Give specific calls to actions (CTA) for the users to choose
  • Be specific and clear on the ad to inspire the customer to click the ads.
  • Test different versions and see what works
A meta description can influence the decision of the searcher as to whether they want to click through on your content from search results or not. Write calls to action!
  • Use numbers & negative words
  • Include the Main keywords
  • People love to click on tile tags with starts with “what is………..”
  • Include the keywords towards the front.
  • Aim for 6 word title tag
  • Use power words and adjectives
  • Evoking curiosity increases clicks Title Meta Description URL Important keywords must be included in the URL Compelling Ad Copy

Use additional features– 

  • Maximize CTR
  • Use of AD Extensions
  • Site Link Structure
  • Snippets Call Out
  • Review Location/Phone/Other details

Things to remember

  • Define Clear Objectives
  • Choose the right set of keywords for your ads
  • Make the ad precise to the point and capture the audience
  • Make your offer very clear in the landing page
  • Use Ad Extensions and capture more leads
  • Monitor the performance of the Ad and optimize continuously
  • Have a tight control over the budget.

How can LeadWalnut help?

LeadWalnut is an ISO-certified enterprise SEO specialist focused on helping you to maximize rankings, traffic, and conversions from your website.
LeadWalnut uses a combination of Content Strategy, Video Marketing, and Social engagement techniques to improve web performance.
LeadWalnut builds world-class websites, creates engaging success stories, and refines key messages around offerings, and problem areas to build trust and emotional connections with prospects.

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