Online education portal
Los Angeles, USA

10x growth in website organic traffic

Through website revamp, disruptive SEO & video marketing
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Aviation Industry
Mumbai, India
Modern Airline Website serving 10 million users
Built within 6 months using cutting-edge Flutter & React Technologies
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Technology Staffing
Austin, Texas, USA
Multi-million dollar sales funnel in 6 months
Integrated outbound campaigns including E-mail, LinkedIn & sales calls.
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LeadWalnut is a full-service marketing agency focused on growing your sales funnel. Converting cold strangers into warm qualified leads is our forte so you can convert warm leads into closed deals.

How LeadWalnut helps grow your sales pipeline through digital

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Build website that resonates with your target audience.

Mobile responsive, high-performing, secure & SEO-compliant website for enhanced customer experience. Built with the latest tech for scalability and reliability.

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Bring the right fit traffic to the website.

Beat the competition with the right SEO strategy- keyword discovery, content marketing, competition benchmarking & social integration.


Convert visitors into warm leads, so you can close more deals.

Build a consistent sales pipeline through multi-channel outbound campaigns & conversion optimization on your website.

Digital launch steps

digital presence

Establish digital presence

  • Discovery with key stakeholders
  • Compelling messages
  • Interactive UI with impactful CTAs
  • Authoritative Content
4-6 weeks
What’s your website’s
sales potential?
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Expand brand reach & visibility

  • SEO Audit to identify critical technical issues
  • Market & competition analysis
  • Keyword strategy and towering content
  • Grow your network through social channels
12-24 weeks
What’s your website’s
sales potential?
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Generate qualified leads

  • Campaign design
  • Powerful landing pages
  • Leverage digital assets
  • Web funnel optimization
16-32 weeks
What’s your website’s
sales potential?
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Analytics & Insights

  • Business KPIs
  • Daily, weekly & monthly tracking
  • Prescriptive dashboards
  • Actionable insights
What’s your website’s
sales potential?
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Go live in 6-12 weeks

Success stories that matter to you

Buildpro E-commerce Website

150% Increase in E-commerce site traffic through SEO

The CEO of a building material retailer was worried that competition is fast adopting digital and his firm may start losing out on digital savvy customers. LeadWalnut revamped the website, built a mobile app, did GMB optimization for 120+ stores & implemented SEO best practices. Within 3 months web traffic started growing @7k/month & store footfall by 5-7% MoM.


Build a strong community of 45K+ followers on LinkedIn

A technology staffing agency based in Austin, Texas had 9,000 LinkedIn followers but no activity. LeadWalnut updated the page, added varied content like tips and videos, and used polls to get feedback. LeadWalnut checked data weekly to improve their posts. As a result, they saw a 2X increase in LinkedIn followers in just 6 months and a 12% monthly rise in new visitors.

GMN Website

10x Growth in Website Organic Traffic in 6 Months

A digital learning company in the US had a website, hundreds of videos & FB community groups, but there was no engagement on any of the channels. Over 15 months LeadWalnut revamped & optimized the website, moved videos from Vimeo to YouTube, built video landing pages, worksheets & blogs resulting in 100x increase in web traffic & 5x increase in video views & subscribers.

How LeadWalnut helps marketing leaders of growing enterprises


Growing enterprises with understaffed & overworked marketing team.

That is where LeadWalnut works as your extended arm delivering stunning SEO results for the enterprise. 

Tonnes of ideas to implement but no bandwidth to execute.

LeadWalnut has helped large enterprises consistently achieve digital leadership and improve sales opportunity pipeline by 40% and more. 

Enterprise SEO services for leading brands

How LeadWalnut help large enterprises leverage SEO for business success?

Headless CMS based web platforms

Brand reputation management

Content driven SEO at scale

International SEO

Programmatic SEO

The No.1 marketing agency loved by sales

Client Photo
John Whyte
Sales Director, US Region
TPF Software
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To generate leads for a startup in the aviation sector is not easy. We threw the challenge at LeadWalnut and results far exceeded expectations. Uma Shankar, Sr. Demand Analyst from LeadWalnut owned the project and applied innovative communication to get us meetings with major airlines.

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Venkat Nagaswamy
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Ajay. Thank you and your team for a focused lead generation campaign. It's given 3x increase in qualified leads and Sales is delighted. Also getting us on Google ranking position ONE for our target keywords is great stuff. Keep it going...

Client Photo
Siva Vajjhala
Co-Founder & CEO
Tech4TH Solutions
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What attracted me to LeadWalnut was their consultative approach to lead generation & digital marketing. We rely heavily on conferences around the world to build the sales pipeline. LeadWalnut's diligent & smart campaigning through e-mail and LinkedIn helped us to get value from every event in which we participated. Ajay & team: Thank you so much!

Client Photo
Terry Dixon
Sales Manager
V-J Electronic
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Within 3-4 months, LeadWalnut has been able to generate quality meetings with our target accounts. Their website revamp & e-mail campaigns have been exceptional in reaching out to prospective customers as well as getting our company name out. We have enjoyed working with Ajay & his team. I clearly see business growing in the near future.

Client Photo
Mahesh Panchagnula
Dean & Board Member
IIT Madras
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It was a breeze working with Ajay and his team to transform my website from just an e-business card to a 360-degree digital presence. All the finer details were dealt with care and the quality is top-notch. The main thing I liked is the approach to ensuring the online version adequately reflects the work being done. My students are very happy and I wish to see increased traffic to the website in the future.

Client Photo
Balakrishnan Kavikkal
Co-Founder & CEO
Autonom8 Inc.
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Lead generation for a startup is never easy. I have been working with Nattu at LeadWalnut for the past year. They definitely rank amongst the best I have seen in the business. Got us quality meetings within 2 months and opened doors with big businesses. The secret to their success is a clear strategy, persistence & leadership attention. Seems obvious but rare to find.

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Customers spread across

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Frequently asked questions


2 things to consider -
1. Is there online demand for your key products/services related keywords?
2. Is competition active online?

Lack of adequate attention to campaign design, customer profiling, channel selection, diligent execution and KPIs.

Simple and clear value proposition on home page, powerful landing pages, easy discoverability of products/services, CTAs aligned with website objective, multi channel support on website & social proofing.

6 things to watch out -
1. Crawling & indexing errors.  
2. Duplicate content/URLs.
3. broken links. 
4. 404 errors   
5. mobile responsiveness and speed
6. Metadata missing or not complaint

There can be multiple reasons - you have stopped adding new content or refreshing old content, there are technical issues on the site, and competition is growing much faster digitally.

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