How To Assess the Technical Health Of Your Website?

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Most marketing VPs, CMOs, and senior web directors at B2B SaaS companies often come to us with a pressing question:

"How can I learn more about the technical health of my website?"

If you've never considered this question, you're not alone.

Performing a website health check is typically one of the last things on anyone's mind.

But it's crucial to understand what makes a website technically healthy.

Does it load quickly? Is it visible in Google search results? Does it function well on mobile devices?

A technically sound website significantly influences how potential customers view your business—especially if they encounter issues that you weren’t even aware of.

I’ve helped several B2B companies improve their websites’ technical health, turning them into a 24/7 sales engine.

Here is the list of some parameters I’ve focused on and the sources/tools you can use to measure or analyze them-

Understanding Tools and Measures for Technical Health

Before we talk about specific tools, it's important to know that different SEO auditing tools might show different data for the same parameters based on their algorithms. Also, the information from these tools is directional in nature; we always need to scan the website, assess & resolve the errors based on their severity.

Here’s a breakdown of key performance indicators and free tools like GA, GSC & Screamingfrog you can use to check them: Parameters Levels Tool to be used
1 Measure page speed, CWV, accessibility, and SEO score on mobile and desktop Site level PageSpeed Insights
2 Check presence of robots.txt and sitemap Site level Manual
3 Check for duplicate and missing meta titles Page level Screamingfrog
4 Check for duplicate and missing descriptions Page level Screamingfrog
5 Inspect for duplicate content Page level Screamingfrog
6 Check for duplicate and missing H1 tags Page level Screamingfrog
7 Correct incorrect header tag structures Page level SEO Meta in 1 Click
8 Ensure image alt and title tags are present Page level Screamingfrog
9 Verify no broken links exist Site level Screamingfrog
10 Check for broken images Site level Screamingfrog
11 Ensure correct canonical tags are implemented. Site level Screamingfrog
12 Identify orphan pages Site level Screamingfrog
13 Review backlinks Site level Screamingfrog
14 Fix any 4XX errors Site level Screamingfrog
15 Fix any 5XX errors Site level Screamingfrog
16 Investigate crawl errors Site level Google Search Console

No matter how great your content is, your website’s ranking and traffic will suffer if there are unresolved technical issues. That’s why SEOs need to routinely check the health of their properties.

Questions Usually Asked By Clients To Understand Website’s Technical Health's Impact On Business (Real-life examples)

1. Is there any free tool we can use to check the tech health of a site? 

Yes, there are free tools available for checking the technical health of a website, such as Google's PageSpeed Insights and ScreamingFrog.

2. How often should you do this tech health?

It's a good practice to assess the technical health of your website at least once a quarter to ensure optimal performance and address any issues promptly.

3. What are the implications of improper indexing on a B2B website and how can it be resolved?

If Google can’t find your most valuable pages, neither can your potential customers.

For example- LinkedIn once faced a significant challenge when it inadvertently blocked some of its pages from being indexed by search engines.

Consider the vast scale of LinkedIn: it hosts over 990 million members globally, facilitating millions of professional interactions daily.

Imagine if even 1% of LinkedIn’s pages were non-indexed due to a technical oversight.

That could obscure the visibility of nearly 10 million users, severely impacting their ability to connect, find jobs, or engage with content.

Regular audits using Google Search Console are crucial to prevent such issues and ensure all valuable content is visible.


As a Technical SEO Lead, I can't stress enough the importance of keeping a sharp eye on your website's technical health.

It’s not just about fixing things when they break. It’s about making sure your website always shows the best side of your business.

Regularly auditing your site with the right tools isn't just maintenance—it's a strategic move.

It’s like giving your car a regular tune-up to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Staying updated with the latest best practices in technical SEO ensures you're always one step ahead, turning potential glitches into opportunities for enhancement.

Remember, a robust online presence starts with a healthy website. Let's make sure yours is not just functioning but is working 24/7 to bring in sales.

How can LeadWalnut help?

LeadWalnut is an ISO-certified enterprise SEO specialist focused on helping you to maximize rankings, traffic, and conversions from your website.
LeadWalnut uses a combination of Content Strategy, Video Marketing, and Social engagement techniques to improve web performance.
LeadWalnut builds world-class websites, creates engaging success stories, and refines key messages around offerings, and problem areas to build trust and emotional connections with prospects.

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