LeadWalnut’s B2B SEO Peer Meetup in Bengaluru

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B2B SEO Peer Meetup In Bengaluru

LeadWalnut’s B2B SEO Peer Meetup in Bengaluru

2023's final chapter wasn't just about closing books, it was about cracking them open!

LeadWalnut wrapped up the year-end with a B2B SEO meetup in the heart of HSR Layout, Bengaluru that set the tone for an action-packed 2024.

Here's a little story about a delightful beginning for our B2B SEO community in Bengaluru.


It all started with a casual team chat at LeadWalnut. Our goal?

To connect with fellow SEO folks who shared our excitement for building a community. A community that thrives on spontaneous, insightful discussions and fosters knowledge sharing.


We, at LeadWalnut, believe in the magic of three:

the people you meet, the places you go, and the events you attend.

It's like a Bengaluru filter coffee – strong, aromatic, and guaranteed to jolt your creativity. 

Overcoming Challenges

The timing was tricky. With many team members away and most people in weekend mode, we wondered, “Is this the right time for a meetup?”

But driven by optimism and determination, we decided to go ahead.

The Agenda

We wanted an open space for sharing anything SEO-related – be it those late-night eureka moments, innovative office workshop ideas, or our in-house strategies and tools that streamline hours of work into mere minutes.

Just to make it more structured, we wanted to focus on ‘On-page SEO optimization through ChatGPT Prompts’.

Snippet from brainstorming session on ChatGPT Prompts

The Unexpected Turnout

So, we threw out a casual invite to some close SEO pals and hoped for at least one brave soul to show up.

And guess what?

Saturday morning saw a group of five enthusiastic SEO professionals, bags slung over their shoulders, energy levels high, walking into our office.

The Meetup Highlights

Our first-ever B2B SEO Peer Meetup was a buzzing hive of activity:

  • Quick Introductions: Putting faces to names, sharing stories, and establishing connections.
  • ChatGPT Prompts for SEO: A brainstorming session on crafting effective prompts for on-page SEO.
  • LeadWalnut’s SEO AI Tool: A walkthrough of our in-house tool, designed to mainstream and automate SEO workload. (more on that later, once you join us 😉)

And of course, food: What’s a meetup without free pizza and beverages, right?

And the meetup was devoid of any fluff – just real, actionable insights.

Snippet from a discussion on some effective SEO tools

The Takeaway

We left that day with overflowing SEO savvy, a newfound respect for SEO peers, and a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) for the next meetup.

And now, we look forward to growing this community.

B2B SEO Peer Meetup Team

The Invitation

This, my friends, is just the beginning. We're building a Bengaluru SEO community, one meetup at a time.

So, if you're an SEO enthusiast with a fire in your belly and a head full of wild ideas, come join the circle!

If you’re in Bengaluru, or even if you're not and want to join virtually, we’d love to have you.

We’re hosting these sessions every alternate Saturday, both online and in-person, in a space where chai and pizza flow freely and the door is open for every SEO enthusiast.

Want to join for the next meetup?

Register here to share your details - https://forms.gle/MVHJpCKERyz2qxkw7

Want to be part of this community?

Join our WhatsApp group for regular updates on dates and agendas- https://chat.whatsapp.com/DQyAADOJKUEA5RdgJlv4II 

Let’s make B2B SEO the brightest in 2024!

P.S. Follow me on LinkedIn, for more such updates. You can find ‘3 Killer ChatGPT Prompts for On-page SEO’ pdf which we brainstormed in our first session on my post comment. Go, grab it here.

Until next time, keep optimizing, and keep connecting!

How can LeadWalnut help?

LeadWalnut is an ISO-certified enterprise SEO specialist focused on helping you to maximize rankings, traffic, and conversions from your website.
LeadWalnut uses a combination of Content Strategy, Video Marketing, and Social engagement techniques to improve web performance.
LeadWalnut builds world-class websites, creates engaging success stories, and refines key messages around offerings, and problem areas to build trust and emotional connections with prospects.

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