Top 10 SEO Experts To Follow on LinkedIn

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Top 10 SEO Experts on LinkedIn

Introduction: The Power of SEO Influencers

Interested in mastering SEO?

Learn from the best, the rising influencers.

Beyond strategies and tactics, these influencers are sharing actionable tips, insights, and solid recommendations while driving the industry forward which demands constant updates.

While exploring SEO blogs and attending conferences are solid steps, the real gold lies in the SEO community's generosity.

Staying ahead isn't daunting when you tap into the knowledge bank offered by these deserving trendsetters.

Why have we curated this list?

The term "SEO expert" is tossed around casually, but authenticity matters.

Do a Google search for "[SEO experts to follow]," and you'll encounter numerous lists.

However, most of them have inept or specious information.

Our aim is clear: Compile a list featuring industry experts in the field of SEO whose insights have greatly benefited us.

Basic Judging Criteria:

  • Do we follow them ourselves?
  • Have we benefited from their insights?
  • Are they actively sharing valuable SEO content?
  • Are they frequent speakers at conferences, webinars, or podcasts?
  • Are they currently practicing SEO (though not mandatory)?

Our objective is simple: to guide you toward genuinely insightful individuals in the SEO domain.

The 12 Hidden SEO Experts

  1. Fery Kaszoni

LinkedIn profile-


Fery Kaszoni

Fery Kaszoni is the go-to guy in the UK for all things SEO and Digital PR.

He is the founder of Search Intelligence Ltd., where he not only builds backlinks and search engines but also excels at launching flagship stores.

Learn everything about building backlinks from this guru.

Here's what you'll learn from his content:

We learned a lot about backlinks from this article- How to earn DR 90 backlinks in 6 steps

Fery's parody video on a fun yet effective take on building backlinks. Linktanic Video

Step-by-step process to fix spam links on your website- Click here

  1. Sourabh Rana

LinkedIn profile- 

Sourabh Rana

Meet Sourabh Rana, the brain behind PhysicsWallah's SEO game,  where he revamped traffic from 3M to 15M in just 6 months.

Rana, with 12+ years in SEO, delivers straightforward, real-world strategies that cut through the digital noise.

Key Learnings from his LinkedIn:

For many, we learn from their posts.

For Rana, we learn from his comments on other’s posts.

Interesting, isn't it?

One such example- Power of Data-Driven SEO with BigQuery

  1. Burkhard Berger

LinkedIn profile- 


Burkhard Berger

Another backlink guru and a Beyonce fan on the list. And for all good reasons.

A Forbes 30 Under 30 standout, Burkhard's journey to a $5M+ agency simplifies SEO as a money-making powerhouse. With 22 solid SEO projects, he's your go-to for debunking "SEO takes forever."

He's built Novum to be the agency he always wished existed, and let's just say, their clients' revenue charts are singing a similar tune. 

Key Learnings from his content:

How to get 1st 100 backlinks- Click here

Work through the 24-Point SEO On-page checklist- Click here

His sought-out 2024 SEO Growth Strategy - Click here

  1. Steve Toth

LinkedIn profile- 


Steve Toth

Meet Steve Toth, SEO Consultant to growth-focused companies throughout the world.

Alongside that, he runs his weekly newsletter- a trusted resource to over 17,000 subscribers.

Steve's track record speaks volumes: #1 rankings, 300% traffic spikes – you name it, he's nailed it. 

Crowned 'Best In-House SEO Team' at the 2020 Canadian Search Awards, Steve's the go-to for growth-stage SaaS and eCom companies in search of scalable channels.

Key Learnings from his content:

How to leverage competitor's sitemap to get insights on top-most performing pages, current trends to boost rankings, and dominate the competition-  Click here

  1. Avinash Bikumalla

LinkedIn profile- 

Avinash Bikumalla

Meet Avinash Bikumalla, the brain behind the SEO game of FlipKart, Apna, and BankBazaar. 

Currently, the Head of Performance Marketing at Dezerv, Avinash is your go-to guy for real-deal digital marketing expertise.

His track record?

Tripled Flipkart's SEO traffic, rescued BankBazaar from the Google penalty rift, and helped countless companies drive substantial revenue.

His LinkedIn is like a cool stash of practical SEO tips—no dusty theories here!

Key Learnings from his content:

Podcast episode on Performance Marketing, the various facets of digital marketing, as well as career progression opportunities in the DM field- Click here

Podcast episode on optimizing SEO activities performed for small websites and enterprise websites- Click here

  1. Kevin Indig

LinkedIn profile- 

Website (weekly newsletter): 

Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig, is one of the most skillful, seasoned growth hackers and the face behind Shopify and G2's 100 MILLION+ user surge.

You will learn everything from building SEO, CRO and incorporating Product-led Growth strategies through his posts and finally understand how his clients go, "Wow, how did he do that?" 

Kevin is also an international speaker, an angel investor in +12 startups, and the brain behind a weekly newsletter reaching almost 10,000+ Growth experts.

If you're a SaaS company, marketplace, or e-commerce giant with a traffic plateau, Kevin's your guy.

Key Learnings from his content:

How to revolutionize your e-commerce site by slashing page load times in Shopify- Click here

How to optimize content with insights from top experts—optimize for SEO, quality, and performance- Click here

  1. Connor Gillivan

LinkedIn profile-


Connor Gillivan

Introducing Connor Gillivan, the SEO expert with a knack for scaling B2B empires to new heights.

Behind the success stories of Outsource School, EcomBalance, AccountsBalance, and, he's not just an SEO enthusiast and entrepreneur.

In the current SEO landscape, Connor's your daily guide, sharing checklists and cheat sheets that work.

Key Learnings from his content:

SEO Competitor Research Process in easy-to-follow action steps- click here

19-step blog article SEO checklist we personally swear by- click here

  1. Nathan Gotch

LinkedIn profile- 


Nathan Gotch

Meet Nathan Gotch is the SEO architect and founder of Gotch SEO Academy-  #1 SEO agency training program in the world for SEO pioneers.

Renowned as the mastermind featured on Semrush and Ahrefs, Nathan isn't your SEO guru; he's the SEO genius who's crafted success stories for others.

Testimonials echo his impact: Most of his testimonials credit Nathan for transforming knowledge into scalable processes or boasting a 59% YoY organic traffic surge, thanks to Gotch's systems, and making SEO experts financially independent.

Key Learnings from his content:

Want to learn how to use ChatGPT for content generation? His insights are the best- Click here

  1. Aleyda Solís

LinkedIn profile-


Alyeda Solis

Aleyda Solis, the powerhouse behind and the founder of Orainti, has worked with established brands and high growth startups to achieve their organic search goals. 

Holding the title of European Search Personality in 2018, Aleyda is a speaker, author, and international SEO consultant. 

Explore her SEOFOMO and MarketingFOMO newsletters to gain insights on the latest SEO news, free resources, trends, tools, and remote jobs.

Key Learnings from her content:

Explore, Aleyda's brainchild, offering a simple roadmap for all things SEO, packed with free resources and tools for everyone- Click here

  1. Daniel Foley Carter

LinkedIn profile- 


Daniel Foley Carter

Daniel Foley Carter, a big-data-wielding, enterprise-level SEO consultant has driven revenue growth for giants like BNP Paribas, Lenovo, and Virgin.
Learn everything from major SEO tips to link-building hacks with his killer audits where he showcases how he cracks open SERP dominance and increases website rankings for clients globally.

He's got an agency scaling side hustle and whips up his own SEO SaaS (, watch this space!)
Key Learnings from his content-

Click gap analysis using Google Search Console- Click here

Google HCU analysis and interpretations of data - Click here

SEO Slapdown- a list of insights to take on for 2024- Click here

Elevate Your SEO Game with SEO Experts on LinkedIn

As we wrap up, remember—SEO is always changing.

These influencers are like your GPS in this digital journey.

By following them, you're staying in the loop, picking up new skills, and getting the latest on SEO happenings.

So, keep them on your radar, keep learning, and keep rocking your SEO game!

Cheers to staying sharp and ahead in this ever-evolving world of search engine optimization.

Start Connecting Today!

Connect with these hidden gems on LinkedIn and expand your command of digital presence.

Remember, the learning never stops. Connect, engage, and thrive in the world of SEO.

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